USDS Advantage

US Debit Services provides a legal payment solution for the marijuana industry.

Marijuana dispensaries and CBD shops have reported increased sales after starting with USDS. The average transaction can be as much as 50% higher when cash is not involved.

Dispensary customers appreciate that they do not need cash to make purchases.

Dispensaries are safer with less cash on hand.

Working with USDS is easy!

  • Our application process is simple.
  • Terminals are shipped directly to dispensaries ready to go.
  • Terminals are user-friendly.
  • Live support is available to assist with training, installation, and troubleshooting.
  • There is no obligation. Service may be discontinued at any time.

Our system costs little to use!

  • Purchase a terminal with a small, one-time fee.
  • Dispensary customers pay a low, flat-rate transaction fee.
  • Unlike credit card services, there is no 4-5% charge per transaction.

Our system is better than a traditional ATM!

  • Our terminals resemble credit card terminals, can be placed by registers, and take up little counter space.
  • Traditional ATMs dispense cash. Our system eliminates cash altogether and creates an electronic deposit, thereby reducing the amount of cash in the dispensary and reducing the risk of theft.
  • Our system improves the point of sale through smooth, uninterrupted, convenient transactions. Customers stay at the counter, rather than leaving to obtain money from an ATM.
  • A traditional ATM is expensive to purchase and maintain.