Debit Card Processing for the Marijuana Industry

Traditional merchant services, such as credit card companies, refuse to work with marijuana dispensaries. This leaves dispensaries and their customers with only one payment option for all transactions: cash. Cash places the dispensaries and their customers at a greater risk for theft.

US Debit Services reduces that risk.

US Debit Services enables dispensaries to process debit card and other PIN-based transactions, thereby reducing the amount of cash that dispensaries must hold and customers must carry.

Numerous Benefits:

  • Replaces traditional ATM with a cashless system
  • Enables customers to use debit cards at the point of sale
  • Creates electronic bank deposits rather than cash deposits
  • Reduces the amount of cash at your dispensary
  • Decreases the risk of theft
  • Improves dispensary safety
  • Takes up little counter space
  • Easy to use
  • Low fees, which can be passed directly onto customers
  • Minimal start-up cost
  • Increases sales